Online Kids Magic Show - Jasmine

Virtual - Online Comedy Magic Show

Online Interactive Kids Magic Show

Magician Jasmine

March 5th, 2021 - 5:00PM-5:30PM

Friday Evening Kids Online Magic Show - Interactive games and laughter!

About this magic event: Hugely interactive, children will be asked to join in with spells and take turns (if they want to) being the magical assistant - only 12 screens will be sold so to optimize interactivity and fun for all. Be prepared for wiggling noses, chanting spells and help make magic happen. Have a pencil and paper handy so you can join in fully with the show.
Event Hosted by: Jasmine's Magic Parties. 
Type of event: Comedy Magic Show. 
Type of audience: Kids.
Event Fee: $10. 
Event Date: Mar 5th, 2021. England time. 
Event Time: 5:00 PM. 
Location: Virtual - Online. 
Tickets & Information: 07870-215675. 
Web Information: 
Tickets available on: 02 01, 2021 

Virtual - Online Magic Events! Magician Jasmine. Mar 5th, 2021. Comedy Magic Show. Kids.


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