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Who pays for the ticket- processing fees?

It is possible to lose a ticket sale over processing fees.

How To Become an Illusionist!

I Will Organize This Answer Into Five Parts:

7 Types of Magic Shows

The list includes the most common magic show styles.

How To become a Magician

It requires intense training, study, talent and practice.

Female Magicians

Increasingly women are the magicians themselves.

How to Present A Magic Trick

A great magic trick is the need not just for great...

Are Virtual Magic Shows Worth It?

For sure we will never replace the great sensation...

The Prestige: The Movie, the Reality

Magicians competing to be the best for prestige & egos...

Magic Shops Online & Local

Is this the end of the local magic shops? Not only them...

Bunny and Doves for A Show

Behind the stage the rabbits, doves, animals suffer...

Insurance for Entertainers

What is a magician and/or general entertainer Liability Insurance?


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