Who pays for the ticket- processing fees?

Who pays for the ticket- processing fees?

You have an event, then who pays for the ticket- processing fees?

As you prepare and organizing your event, one important matter to consider in the planning stages is the cost for the tickets and the processing fees.

There are a number of questions that arise about processing fees, including who pays them. Every company selling tickets for any event has a processing fee. The understanding is that the customer pays for processing fees.

Can you lose a ticket sale over processing fees? 

Yes, it is possible to lose a ticket sale over processing fees, especially when you are building your name.
It might be less likely to happen once you are well-known in the entertainment industry or if you have a great marketing strategy for your event or show. But if you are building your name, plan ahead of time on how processing fees may affect your ticket sales.

How can I prepare for processing fees for my tickets? 

To help determine how to set reasonable processing fees for your customers, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead of time for the price of your tickets. 
Depending on the type of event and extra services offered, the companies handling the ticket sales may charge extra processing fees. But here are the basic credit card fees:

  • Credit card processing fees: from 0.3% to 0.6% of the total cost of the ticket, plus 50 cents to 99 cents (up to $1) per transaction in administration fees.

Once you estimate the credit card fees and other handling fees you’ll face, calculate the costs of the venue, time setting up, taxes, food, paying assistants, transportation and other expenses. Next decide on the desired profit margin. Also see how many people or audience members can fit in the venue. 
Then, with all of this information, you should be able to determine and set the cost of your tickets per person and the processing fees.

Once I set my processing fees, what’s next? 

There are two ways to handle processing fees:

Insert the processing fees and taxes into the ticket price.

Many times I choose this way to sell tickets for my events, and it works great. That way, people are paying the exact price or amount that was advertised as the cost of the ticket. There are no surprises, no extra fees, no frustration at the door, no customers paying different amounts than others. There is one flat, uniform ticket price with taxes and processing fees built into the cost of the ticket. This also makes it convenient and easier if for any reason you need to issue a refund.

Let the customer know about the processing and extra fees.

If you are choosing this option, be specific and clear with customers ahead of time. State in your advertising and marketing that there will be additional processing fees and taxes on top of the cost of the ticket. You want customers to have a wonderful all-around experience, both before and at your event. If they are happy after buying tickets, they can focus on having a great time at the show!

However you choose to insert processing fees into the tickets, remember, customers are very important! Customers, who are happy from beginning to end, enjoying a wonderful experience, will come back or refer your show or event to someone else!


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