New Haven, CT Comedy Magic Show

Local Magic Shows Comedy Magic Show Magician Justin Willman

March 2, 2022 - 6:30PM
New Haven, CT.

Magician Justin Willman

Comedy Magic Show

Justin Willman wants to melt your brain while making you laugh.

Comedy Magic Show Information:

About this event:
Justin, he's a magician and comedian who's mastered the art of turning cynics into believers (or at least getting them to laugh). His live show is simultaneously mind-blowing and hilarious, and will likely keep you up at night wondering how the heck any of it was possible.. 

Event hosted by: College Street Music Hall. 
Type of event: Comedy Magic Show. 
Type of audience: General audience: Kids and adults. 
Event Date: March 2, 2022. 
Event Time: 6:30PM. 
Location: College Street Music Hall. 238 College St New Haven, CT. 06510.
Event Fee: $30. 
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Live local shows & events in New Haven! Magician Justin Willman performing Comedy Magic Show for General audience: Kids and adults March 2, 2022 - College Street Music Hall. 238 College St New Haven, CT. 06510.


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