Virtual Comedy Magic Show - Frisco Fred

Online - Virtual Comedy Magic Show Magician Frisco Fred

June 30, 2021 - 8:30PM
Virtual from San Francisco, CA. PDT time.

Magician Frisco Fred

Virtual - Online Comedy Magic Show

Frisco Fred hosts a fun filled hour of laughs, magic, mind-reading, crazy stunts and maybe even a Pirate!

Comedy Magic Show Information:

About this event:
Rather than travel to see us we are going to travel to see you through the power of ZOOM. It's a fun filled hour of entertainment filled with laughs.

The entire experience is hosted by the iconic Magician/Juggler Frisco Fred who's been thrilling audiences worldwide for the past 40 years. He presents guest performers from San Francisco and beyond. You don't want to miss it. Book your seat today!. 

Event hosted by: The San Francisco Magic Studio. 
Type of event: Comedy Magic Show. 
Type of audience: General audience: Kids and adults. 
Event Dates: June 2021. Everyday from June 1 to June 30 - 2021.
Event Time: 8:30PM - San Francisco, CA, PDT time. 
Location: Virtual - Online - Magic Shows. 
Event Fee: USD 45.00. 
Tickets & Information:
Discount tickets for this event: No.  

Discount tickets disclaimer: The organizer for this event may offer discount tickets for this event. NOTE: It is only at the organizer's discretion that tickets might be discounted, including the amount or percent discounted, the number of available discount tickets and terms and regulations. Check with the event organizer's website for information about the discount tickets for this event.

Virtual - Online Magic Shows! Magician Frisco Fred. Comedy Magic Show for General audience: Kids and adults June 30, 2021 - San Francisco, CA PDT time.


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