Online Magic & Mentalism - Vassilis

Online - Virtual Mentalism Magician & Hypnotist Vassilis

May 9, 2021 - 2:00PM
Virtual from United Kingdom, EDT time.

Mentalist & Hypnotist Vassilis

Virtual - Online Mentalism Show

An interactive online magical experience involving the mind of Vassilis and yours - from the comfort of your own home!

Mentalism Information:

About this event:
In this interactive show you can participate on your own, or bring your friends and family together. Using materials and objects from around the house Vassilis will lead you to a unique experience exploring the mysteries of your own demeanour, unconscious mind, memories and emotions in an enjoyable and kind-hearted way, based on extreme empathy and deep human connection.

So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the journey!. 

Event hosted by: Vassilis. 
Type of event: Mentalism. 
Type of audience: General audience. 
Event Date: May 9, 2021. 
Event Time: 2:00PM - United Kingdom, EDT time. 
Location: Virtual - Online - Shows. 
Event Fee: £ 5.98. 
Tickets & Information:
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Virtual - Online Magic Shows! Magician & Hypnotist Vassilis. Mentalism for General audience May 9, 2021 - United Kingdom, EDT time.


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