Virtual Mentalism - Jason Suran

Online - Virtual Mentalism Mentalist Jason Suran

June 25, 2021 - 8:30PM
Virtual from New York City, NY, EDT time.

Mentalist Jason Suran

Virtual - Online Mentalism

This is not your typical magic show. A Virtual Experience!

Mentalism Information:

About this event:
An hour-long virtual mentalism show on Zoom that you won't forget! Reconnected is a virtual experience designed to gather audiences for 60 minutes of jaw-dropping psychological illusions. At only 25 Zoom screens per performance, the show is intimate, interactive and optimal for online gatherings of all kinds.. 

Event hosted by: Jason Suran. 
Type of event: Mentalism. 
Type of audience: General audience. 
Event Date: June 25, 2021. 
Event Time: 8:30PM - New York City, NY, EDT time. 
Location: Virtual - Online - Shows. 
Event Fee: USD 50.00. 
Tickets & Information:
Discount tickets for this event: No.  

Discount tickets disclaimer: The organizer for this event may offer discount tickets for this event. NOTE: It is only at the organizer's discretion that tickets might be discounted, including the amount or percent discounted, the number of available discount tickets and terms and regulations. Check with the event organizer's website for information about the discount tickets for this event.

Virtual - Online Magic Shows! Mentalist Jason Suran. Mentalism for General audience June 25, 2021 - New York City, NY, EDT time.


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